About Family "C" RV Park

Family “C” is a Christian Family owned and operated campground. We hope to provide enjoyment and relaxation to all who come to visit.

Family “C” Enterprises and RV park was established in 2007. Owners Larry and Teresa Ronena Crimm were married February 3, 1986. They have three children: Ashley, Aleshia and Alex. As Christian parents they have tried to instill in their children Christian Values. They are all members of and attend Steele Baptist Church.

Larry and Ronena both come from families that camped during their younger days, and they both are still very devoted to camping and spending time with family.

Group camping together for many years with family and friends, sitting around the campfire had often discussed a camp campground that would be just for the family and friends.

Larry and Teresa Ronena set out to create just that, and with the help of family and friends the camp ground was off. However, as they work started they dreamed of more. They dreamed of a place where the two of them could one day retire to do something they truly loved doing. Camping! And so Family “C” RV Park was born. Having already met and made friends with campers that have come and gone, they see their dream coming a reality one day. They hope to provide a family oriented camp ground, a place to make new friends, and share their love of camping with others, as well as enjoy the beautiful outdoors that God has blessed them with.

“Here for family and Friends to enjoy, the great outdoors God has provided for us. We hope you enjoy your stay here with us as much as we enjoy your company.”


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