Family “C” RV Park Rules and Regulations

Family “C” is a privately owned RV park.

“Hoping to provide enjoyment and relaxation to all who come to visit.

  • Speed limit of 10 mph inside the park for the safety of everyone, this will be enforced.
  • Reservations are first come, first served.
  • Long term RV parking is available.
  • Only one RV per site, please limit only 2 vehicles per site.
  • Please do not allow your vehicle to block the road.
  • No digging allowed in the park.
  • No tree cutting allowed in park.
  • No firearms allowed in park.
  • No alcohol allowed in park.
  • Public drunk or unruly behavior will result in the law being called.
  • All pets must be on a leash.  Please clean up after your pets.
  • Gray water and sewage must be disposed of properly at your RV site.
  • Trash must be placed in trash bags.  Place trash bags in trash cans or trash bins.
  • Campers must vacate site by 2:00 PM on the last day of reservation.
  • Coin operated washers and dryers are available at bath house.  Public washroom and shower are also available there.
  • Improper use or abuse of campground facilities will result in you and your party being asked to leave as well as possible fines for damage.

Rules and Regulations

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No lifeguard is on duty at any time.
  • No diving from gazebo or pier at any time.
  • No playing at the boat ramp.
  • Swim in designated area only.


Rules and Regulations

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Rules and Regulations

  • Fishing is reserved for campers only.
  • Fishing from pier is allowed.  Absolutely NO diving!


Ballroom / Banquet Hall

  • All floors will be swept and mopped.
  • Trash will be picked up from building and grounds and removed from property by you and your party.
  • Bathrooms must be cleaned and mopped
  • Table and chairs are to be cleaned and put back where they were found. (They are not to be stood on for any reason. There will be a step stool provided.
  • Park in designated areas only, please do not block road.
  • No PUBLIC DRUNK, the law will be called.
  • No throwing anything into the water, and absolutely no jumping or diving from gazebo. No swimming or fishing. No Kitchen Access.
  • If you are having a live band you are required to have security guards present, should you not have one, one will be hired at YOUR expense.
  • Deposits will only be returned if all rules are met.
  • Any item not taken care of will result in no refund of deposit! DEPOSIT RETURNS WILL BE ALL OR NONE!


  • Call or Email us for rental Rates.
  • Must be at least 21 to rent.
  • No smoking allowed inside of cabins.
  • Smoking outside only. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
  • No candles or open flame of any type allowed inside of the cabins.
  • No tree cutting allowed inside of the park.
  • No firearms allowed inside of park.
  • No alcohol allowed inside park.
  • No public drunk allowed, the law will be called, and your party will be asked to leave.
  • All dishes must be cleaned and returned to cabinets before you leave.
  • Towels may be washed and dried at coined operated machines at bathhouse.
  • Towels must be placed in basket on final day of stay.
  • Trash must be placed in trash can for management pick-up.
  • No paper products provided.
  • Swimming allowed in designated areas only.
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